Who We Are

David Roberts

David has been involved in web design ever since there was a web to design for. His artistic sense combined with his knowledge of computing means that you can be sure that your site will not only function perfectly, but look great as well.

David attended the prestigious Imperial College, London, where he studied computing. He graduated among the top in his class, producing a thesis on advanced 3D animation techniques that was later adopted for an academic paper.

Many programmers are technically very adept. Many graphic designers are artistically brilliant. However, sites on the web today often lack the third ingredient required to be truly effective: they must be clear and easy to use.

David uses his artistic background, technical education and knack for putting himself in the user's shoes to produce sites whose function lives up to their form.

Benjamin Sims

Benjamin worked in London during the dot com boom, then spent five years with the United Nations, working for UNESCO. During his time there, he managed diverse IT-related projects around the world and acquired a wide range of skills in the field.

He has programmed systems, designed databases, carried out financial planning, taught ICT skills and managed international projects. Along the way he also undertook postgraduate studies in computing, and attended several management training courses. Most importantly, he understands that communication is the key to any project, and knows how to achieve it.

Benjamin's experience gives him an intuitive grasp of the needs of a project, and his knowledge of ICT enables him to envision and implement the most complex of requirements. This combination means that the systems produced by Coldrose not only work perfectly, but work exactly as the client imagined.