What We Do

Coldrose is a Web Design and IT Consulting company, focusing on building elegant, easy to use websites and systems.

We started Coldrose because, after looking at the work of so many IT consultants, we believed that there was a gap in the market. Too many times when we saw a new project released, out reaction was: 'good idea, but the user interface looks awful'. Or, 'Great design, but what does it actually do? How do I get the information I need?'

We decided we could do better. Our products have slick graphics and presentation, but never leave the user lost or wondering where to click next. They have comprehensive functionality, but great design means that you are not left confused by strangely-named options.

Have you ever worked with a designer, or a programmer, and wished that on top of their technical skills they could communicate in your language and understand what the project required?

That's what we do.